Making Mental Healtcare reliable, accessible and affordable

Founded in 2020

Who are we?

You are not

Our needs as humans of the 21st century has evolved. Our minds are facing an ever increasing challenge. With today's stress, fast paced life, technology ever reminding us of our have nots, the entire globe is going through a crisis of mental healthcare. India has 43% of people in depression, with over 60% of the country as youth, we face a enormous problem to face. Not only there is lack of awareness about mental health, it is becoming less accessible with steep price of therapy sessions and not being able to reach experienced and reliable therapists. Also mental healthcare demands privacy, discretion and "feeling sense of comfort" while sharing a problem. It might not happen in one day, it might take time. With this surmounting complexity - urhealthyming comes with a promise unparalled. We are a bunch of folks from different discipling working to normalize mental healthcare. Our motto

To empower every person with access to reliable, accessible and affordable mental healthcare on their fingertips

urhealthymind is a multi purpose application dedicated to mental healthcare: You can treat it as a private and safe place to find solutions to your mental health issue. You can anonymously ask our talented mental health guides or listener about your problems, vent to them about the problem you are going through. You can try our mobile app to test your self. You can reach out to an experienced therapist. We are working with therapist to provide affordable and free therapy sessions in additional to the ones available at nominal rate.

Meet Our Team

Debjyoti is an AI expert and software developer with a passion for mental health. He is the founder of urhealthymind and CTO, working to make this digital platform to make mental healthcare accessible. Also he is leading the non profit research at urHealthyMind to move frontier of psychological and mental healthcare solutions through technology.

Neerajana Ghosh is a Clinical Psychologist with a background in working with young people and adults requiring psychological assistance. She is currently pursuing her Phd from IITKGP. She is Co-Founder of urHealthyMind and lead research investigator.

Sanjhna Shetty is currently pursuing my M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology from Christ University, Bengaluru. She is the community lead for urHealthyMind, leading volunteers and content development.