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We bring you the service of reliable and experience mental health care experts - affordable and accessible within a few clicks while sitting in the comfort of your home. can access via video or phone call.


If you need a person to listen to your problems and guide you, we have free and anonymous chat facility with well trained listener. Listener are well trained mental health care workers, who can guide you in a safe way through your mental healthcare journey.

Test Yourself

Our blogs and state of the art self-administered test will help you to understand where you stand in your mental health journey and evaluate your progress.

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I believe that Happiness is an ongoing process of fresh challenges and it takes the right attitudes and activities to continue to be happy.

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A Mental Health Enthusiast. Hold a Master Degree in Psychology. Currently working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist Certified by California Hyponosis Institute.

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I’m Anikah, A recent graduate Psychologist from the University of Buckingham. My aim is to encourage people to achieve psychological well-being by offering support through any tough encounters they may face. I aspire to practice as a clinical psychologist someday and I am now working towards my goal by gaining work experience within the field throughout the course of my education.